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What people are saying...

Tamar D. Black, PhD

Educational and Developmental Psychologist and author, ACT for Treating Children

“Beautifully written, Lotus Flowers and Superpowers is a captivating, compelling, and truly fascinating story. The book takes readers on a magical journey, introducing them to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and shows how two Koi fish, Fry, and Flex, use well-known ACT techniques to help them navigate not only unexpected challenges beneath the pond, but also the challenges of their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Julie Seel Renaud has written a most creative book, with lovely images, which draws readers in with its delightfulness, and teaches important life skills. A highly recommended read for adolescents and adults!”  

Rachel Terlop, PhD 

Educator, Author, and winner of The Henry Ford Innovation Nation Teacher of the Year Award


"Lotus Flowers and Superpowers is one of those rare stories that paints a word picture and truly makes Julie's thinking visible. Pulled from inspiration in her own life, her deep positionality in education shines through with rich vocabulary and natural clarification. The story flows while it actively teaches. The chapters create manageable pieces that can stand alone as a lesson, provide opportunities for rich discussion, and intentional vocabulary development. The incorporation of mindfulness is a natural throughline that radiates a sense of calm in learning. This is something I cannot wait to share with my students."

Heather DeRijke M.Ed.

Director of Training and Education at Emergent Learning Academy

"Brilliant! I am 100% in love with this book! Julie Renaud takes readers on a delightful transformational journey into a world infused with ACT. Truly a must-read for all ages."

Cyndi Tabor, Masters in Literacy, Language, and Culture

1st-grade teacher

"What a fantastically-written story that checks every box of a child's imagination and creativity while also addressing a child's social/emotional health in a way that is authentic and engaging!  I found myself eager to follow Izzy Delaney on her journey of discovery with little Fry and Flex and how they would need to look deep inside to find the answer to that big question of life..."What is in your heart?"  I can't wait for this book to be in my hands so that I can share it at the start of every year with my new first graders!  It will become a mentor text that we will revisit many times throughout the year.  The imagery in the words of this story is incredible and that is without even seeing the illustrations that will be added!  I know that the beautiful pictures that Julie will add will be the icing on the cake!"

Amy Siebold, PhD., BCBC-D

Behavior Analyst 

"Lotus Flowers and Superpowers allows the reader to step into a magically crafted world while the characters explore Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques. The beauty and creativity of the descriptions make the story leap off the page and into the reader's lives to face their own everyday challenges as the Koi fish do in the story. This unique book takes a science-based approach to help adolescents and educators alike apply ACT as a tool to navigate their own world. You won’t want to miss this deeply inspiring read!" 

Selena M. Spencer, MA., Ed.S.

Nationally Certified School Psychologist

"Spellbinding! This is a book I would highly recommend that all educators use within the classroom to provide social-emotional learning in a fun way!"


Rick Kubina, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Professor, Special Education Program, The Pennsylvania State University

“Brimming with wisdom, this lovely story lays the groundwork for working through troubling emotions, accepting feelings, and being resilient. The Koi fish Fry and Flex, along with a host of other wildlife in and around the pond, struggle, succeed, and move through life using their values as a compass. Interwoven with science and nature and a celebration of wonder and curiosity, this delightful narrative creates multifaceted, consistent opportunities for social-emotional learning in a way that is accessible and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming, thoughtful book and was reminded of the power of flexibility.”


Anne Quesnell, BCBA

Behavior Analyst

"Lotus Flowers and Superpowers transports the reader to a small Koi pond in Central Ohio. The beautifully crafted writing sets the stage for readers and listeners to begin noticing, not only the world around them, but also their internal thoughts and feelings. Through the interactions and relationships of the Koi fish and other wildlife, the reader continues to learn about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and is prompted to engage in some simple ACT strategies.  Educators could easily weave in thoughtful teaching about science, literacy, and social-emotional learning skills. Lotus Flowers and Superpowers will help adolescents and adults consider and learn skills that they can use in their lives every day."

Judy Murray, MSSA, LISW  

Former Psychotherapist, Cleveland Clinic 

Lotus Flowers and Superpowers is full of lush descriptions and fairytale-like allegory. As a teaching tool, it touches on the areas of mindfulness and explores acceptance and commitment training.

The illustrations are beautiful. As a book, it is comprehensive and draws one into the realm of nature as symbolic of our universal human struggles.”

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