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What is it? 


When we discuss mindfulness with children, we talk about noticing, on purpose, what is happening where we are right now. How our body feels, what we see, taste, and smell, and what our mind is doing. We speak about connection, openness, and observing/noticing without judging. 


Being mindful gives us a scientifically proven, secular (non-religious) way to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and enhance emotional intelligence, resilience, and quality of life. 


Mindfulness and ACT 


ACT provides a vast range of tools to learn mindfulness skills. One is meditation - but there are many other ways to learn these skills that almost anyone can do; they require just a few minutes to master. 


These skills help us fundamentally change our relationship with painful thoughts and feelings, reducing their power and impact on us. Instead of wasting our time and energy in battle with them, we can invest our energy in engaging fully in the ongoing journey of values-based living. Or, as Fry would say, "Living with all our heart."


ACT teaches mindfulness skills within the context of values and committed action. In other words, we learn to identify, clarify and connect deeply with our core values and then use them to set goals and guide the changes we make in our lives.


ACT breaks mindfulness into four psychological skills, which we see in action as Lotus Flowers and Superpowers' story unfolds.


  1. Defusion: distancing from, 'unhooking,' and letting go of unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, memories, and other cognitions.

  2. Acceptance: making room for painful feelings, urges, and sensations and allowing them to come and go without a struggle.

  3. Contact with the present moment: engaging fully with our here-and-now experience with an attitude of openness and curiosity.

  4. Spacious awareness: accessing a spacious sense of self – the observing self that is conscious of thoughts and feelings as passing experiences but not identified with them. 


Adapted from an article written by Dr. Russ Harris – ACTMindfully 


Lotus Flowers and Superpowers thoughtfully weaves these essential concepts into Fry's adventure.

Her journey provides readers endless opportunities for skill-building and to practice ACT and mindfulness techniques alongside the garden residents as they navigate unexpected challenges in a changing environment and their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


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