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ACT & SEL Resources 


As educators, we know that there are countless benefits to creating a nurturing and collaborative environment where SEL is modeled and interwoven into the classroom culture. Lotus Flowers and Superpowers promotes and organically nurtures this conviction through its storyline, metaphors, and experiential and mindfulness exercises that are active and fun.  


These extension activities and exercises center around SEL and ACT's six core processes (known as the hexaflex).  Collectively, they combine to help learners reduce psychological rigidity and develop "psychological flexibility," known as "The superpower of mental health and well-being." 


Learners develop a different perspective on their thoughts and emotions and how to remain present. How to adapt to life's challenges, take purposeful action even when things are complicated, and stay true to their values - what Fry would refer to as "living with all your heart."                       

Know What Matters

Let it Be

Stay Here

Notice Yourself 

Do What Matters

Let it Go

* Dr Tamar Black, Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Author, rephrased ACT's six core processes (above) to help children connect and understand them more easily. 

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