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What is ACT? 

Developed by Dr. Steven Hayes and grounded in Relational Frame Theory (RFT), ACT is founded on the understanding that we are all fundamentally human and have lives that can be messy and complicated at times. Therefore, pain and discomfort are inevitable. 

ACT’s overall goal is to reduce suffering by optimizing psychological flexibility - our ability to cope with, accept and adjust to challenging or painful situations.


Using six core processes that support the development of new psychological skills, ACT teaches us to engage and live more fully in the present moment, embrace life with self-compassion and kindness, and commit to actions that enrich our lives. 

Lotus Flowers and Superpowers provides opportunities to weave these concepts into a classroom or conversation in a playful, engaging, and thoughtful way. It models the exploration of thoughts, physical feelings, and emotions flexibly through acceptance and mindfulness. Allowing learners to discover and practice adaptive responses to life's challenges, stay true to their values, and take purposeful action even when things are hard - what Fry would refer to as "living with all your heart." 

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